6 Significant Reasons Why Employee Appreciation Is A Great Tool

People like to feel valued for what they do, and organizations who pay heed to this culture-centric appreciation tool reach great heights in their business prospects. Employee appreciation given in a structured manner is intricately linked to their engagement. So, companies who put in extra effort to appreciate their key employees have their support, always.

Appreciation helps employers directly relate to an employee’s feel-good sense. People who feel valued, release the hormone, oxytocin, and in return, are happy to be involved in making their presence felt. Here are six primary reasons why it is essential to appreciate your employee:

Enhances company reputation

Making employee appreciation a valuable part of the company system will help to improve the company’s image in public. If one neglects it, then the company has to pay a hefty price with losing their public image as well as a large amount of profit for a while. So, it is advisable that whether with a small reward or just by a thank you note to appreciate your employees’ hard work on their achievements. Rewards or thank you notes will make your employees feel happy and valued. The satisfaction will then manifest in their performance levels too. Companies offering timely rewards to employees tend to enhance their company image and operations efficiently also.

Encourage employees to achieve the goal of the company.

While your employees are your company’s flag bearers, their happiness will reflect on their work and the hard work that they will put in extra hours will help you to meet your company’s deadlines efficiently. Hence, it is essential to encourage and motivate them to put in extra hours while showing confidence in them. Recognition of their capability will help them to go out of their comfort zone and meet the deadlines on time. They will be pro-active and get involved in all set of affairs for their company. As a loyal employee, they will motivate their coworkers and share their experiences with junior employees to create a happy workforce.

Lowers Employee Turnover

Given the situation, a happy and appreciated employee will always be contented in his job position. While they will always look for the betterment of their company, they will never think to move away from their job. They will feel, secured as they know that their company never overlooks their efforts. Such a sense of satisfaction in employees helps a company to lower their employee turnover and instead increase their employee retention. Eventually, by saving a lot of time and money for the hiring and training process, a company will get the benefit of increased sales and productivity thus contributing to the growth of the company. So, introduce Power2Motivate and pay small detail to employee appreciation so that you can make a significant difference to your company in the long run.

Increase Employee Productivity

Appreciating your employees for doing their job well will result in motivated employees. A motivated employee will lead from the front and finish their work before the deadlines. Such employees are always a gem for their respective company. They will still be in support of their company through their thick and thin times and will be emotionally committed to their organization. With a dedicated and engaged staff of employees, the customers who come in direct contact with them will also feel satisfied with their selfless service and helpful conduct. Employee satisfaction will lead to excellent customer experience, thereby increasing productivity levels and profits too.

Will Result to Happy Employees

A company that always plans new initiatives to appreciate its employees and try to implement creative measures to keep them happy at work will make employees look forward to coming to the office. Employees will always strive to better their performance and feel appreciated in return. Such enthusiasm to go the extra mile to reach their goals will create a fun and competitive atmosphere in the workforce, which will enable a lasting relationship of loyalty between the company and its employees.

Encourages Team Work

While employee appreciation is related to personal recognition on the evaluation of performance, it also impacts the practice of peer to peer evaluation. It gives an opportunity also to employees to recognize and appreciate their colleagues on their achievements. Such a culture in workplaces strengthens the teamwork and builds a friendship within the coworkers of the company.

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