How To Dress Casual But With Style?

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Do you like to dress well and at the same time comfortably? Then we offer you casual sports fashion, of which essential hoodie store is a true benchmark. For this reason, in this post we tell you how to dress casually but with a sport urban style, forming outfits that you can wear perfectly in your day-to-day: At the institute, at the university, in the neighborhood, in the center.

Jackets or how to dress casual when it cools down

When the summer heat goes away, it’s time for jackets, which are precisely a key garment for casual style. From warm jackets such as bombers to lighter ones, like a sweatshirt with a zipper closure. The hood in both gives a sporty and youthful touch to all the models and, therefore, to the general outfit.

T-shirts, the elegance of simplicity

T-shirts support many styles, such as technical training or swag with extravagant prints. However, if we go to the extreme simplicity of basic, single-color, slim-cut t-shirts, we find garments that are ideal for those who are thinking about how to dress casually. In fact, they are a true wild card that can be worn with all kinds of pants and with jackets unbuttoned on top. A detail that, by the way, is the most elegant are the chest pockets, whether real or simulated, in the same color or in contrast.

Pants, another garment that makes a difference

In this compilation of proposals on how to dress casually, pants must occupy a prominent place. For Men, our catalog includes jeans and joggers that, together with a wise choice in the rest of the garments, will configure an outfit of good daily taste. And in Women, certain slim-fit sweatpants will fit in with that idea of ​​spontaneous and informal elegance that is pursued in this style.

Footwear: vintage, canvas, free style

Footwear is also a wild card in the search for casual style, ceasing to be a mere accessory to become a defining detail. And numerous models fit into this idea that you can consult on our website. For example, those with a certain vintage air: They are the ‘classic’ versions, often inspired by sports as elegant as tennis. The monochrome models in white are iconic, although other colors and details can be added, especially in the women’s collections: Inlays, glitter, etc.

Canvas shoes, to which we dedicate a section of our website, are also a good example of everyday life and elegant informality.

Other accessories for casual wear

And one last suggestion if you want to know how to dress casually: accessories. At essentials hoodies store we bring together numerous sports accessories and essentials t shirt that do not renounce sporty elegance and that will endow the outfit with good taste and personality. An example of this can be the fashionable glasses from Polynesia, with models that can fit well with sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The same thing happens with some caps with a certain retro air. And if you need to go to the gym, some sports bags in our catalogs stand out for being items halfway between a bag and a backpack, with enough space to carry a change of clothes, a water bottle, etc.

But if you really want to discover how to dress casually, the best thing would be for you to take a look around our website and explore our proposals. You will find amazing items at incredible prices, at any time of the year and with the best shipping conditions!


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